Zcharia came to Kansas City in 2005. He soon became involved with the Kerala Association of Kansas City and became the sports coordinator. He became an active member of the volleyball community in Kansas City, participating in their Friday practices, local tournaments, and even the famous Jimmy George Volleyball Tournament held in New York. More than playing, he enjoyed connecting with people and introduced many people to volleyball. In 2010, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. This put a damper on his ability to play the game he enjoyed. But soon after his first treatment of chemotherapy, he started playing volleyball with his friends again. This ended soon towards the middle of 2013 as his disease got worse. On December 21st, 2013, Zcharia Jose passed away.

In 2015, his family and close friends decided to put together a tournament in his remembrance. Out of the success of that tournament came the Zcharia Memorial Foundation. This organization was created to provide an effective means of organizing and running future tournaments. This foundation aims to run fun-filled sports events in his memorial and use its proceeds to help the local community grow, by focusing on cancer and child care. But most of all, it strives to share the ideals that Zcharia Jose wholeheartedly believed in, love and joy.

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