August 19, 2022

Gala Night – Winners

After much anticipation, we have finally selected our winners!!! Thank you all so much for participating in the event! Your generous contributions have gone a long way towards building this center! We’ll hopefully try to start fundraising again soon, so be on the lookout for any new events we have coming up!

Without further ado, here are our raffle winners:
– Lighthouse Plaques (2) (Sharon Lauderdale and Lisa Pallan)
– KC Zoo Tickets (Roy Dominic)
– Aubrey Vineyards (Sharmin Jose)
– Stone Pillar Winery (Sharon Lauderdale)
– Book basket for adults (Radwa Howladar)
– Chicken N’ Pickle (Seiji Thomas)
– Kids book basket (Johnson Sebastian)
– Pinstripes (Seiji Thomas)
– Meenakari and Kundan Necklace (Sreeja Rajagopalan Nair)
– Long amber Tibetan Necklace (Antony Periera)

Congratulations to all our winners!! Please email to set up a time to pick up your prizes!! If for any reason, a winner would not like their prize, please let me know so that I can redraw the tickets for another winner.

Once again, congratulations to all our winners and thank you all so much for supporting the cause!

Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation (ZJMF) is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization, focused on raising funds for cancer patients and their care givers by raising awareness, donating time, and raising funds to support organizations like American Cancer Society. Since we are a nonprofit in US, any donations contributed to us is tax deductible. This year, Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation plans to support the Kidney Federation of India by raising funds to construct a detection and diagnostic center at Thrissur, Kerala/India for patients with kidney related diseases on a property donated by a benefactor from Kansas City. The funds collected will be sent to the "Kidney Federation of India" for the providing of international medical services for kidney patients. This fundraiser will be held on October 1st at the Village Presbyterian Church in Overland Park, Kansas.

We are working with Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel of the Kidney Federation of India and Claire Joseph to raise money to open a new kidney diagnostic center in India for people who cannot afford early diagnosis, detection, and treatment. Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel, popularly known as the Kidney Priest, is an Indian Catholic priest and the founder of the Accident Care and Transport Service (ACTS) and the Kidney Federation of India. The Kidney Federation of India is a one-of-a-kind autonomous Non-Governmental Organization fully dedicated to serving the society, with a mission of bringing freshness to the lives of the poor and giving them a life that
every human being deserves. The Kidney Federation of India primarily focuses on helping the poor people suffering from kidney related diseases in their treatments including kidney transplantation, dialysis, medical assistance, etc. Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel currently serves under the Infant Jesus Church, in Kadangode, Kerala. Mr. Shyju Puthoor is a very active member of the Kansas City community and the director of Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation. He and his friends helped found the Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation in KC which does many fundraising events, with a signature annual volleyball tournament that raises money for cancer research and
American Cancer Society. He has also participated in the Shave to Save event organized by American Cancer Society and raised $25,000. Additionally, he has been a keynote speaker at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event in 2022. He lost a brother-in-law and his oldest daughter to cancer. He donated his land to this cause to build the medical diagnosis center in
memory of them. Along with fellow Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation board members, he is helping organize this event. Ms. Claire Joseph is an upcoming senior at Blue Valley High School in Overland Park. She is an honor roll student and an Eagle Scout, heavily involved in serving the community through a variety of avenues. She is the main organizer of the event.

End stage chronic kidney disease or kidney failure is a worldwide problem. Around 15% of the world’s population suffers from chronic kidney disease. The kidney’s function is extremely important to the body. It acts as a filter to get rid of excess water in the bloodstream and filters out toxins in the blood. Without a functioning kidney/treatment for this disease, one will die. Unfortunately, the only way to treat this disease currently is either by kidney dialysis or by getting a kidney transplant. Treatment is lifelong with patients having to go to dialysis centers at least three times a week and have doctor’s appointments every couple of months to stay healthy. And the kidney transplant list is ever-growing with people waiting upwards of five years for
even just the chance to receive one. For the people in India that cannot afford or do not have access to treatment, their quality of life is greatly diminished. Our mission with this project is to raise $80,000 so that Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel’s organization, the Kidney Federation of India, can build a free kidney diagnostic center that aids people in India with their disease management.

Ms. Claire Joseph and the Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation are working together to organize a gala night to fundraise for the cause. The event will consist of dinner and a magic show performed by Jake Schwartz, an international award-winning magician who has been called “The New Face of Magic” by media outlets around the world. There will also be a raffle basket online event that is also open to the general public. At close of the event, the winners of each of the raffle baskets will be announced. The event is open to all community members in hopes of reaching 10% of our main goal of $80,000 to build this center. 100% of proceeds from this event
will go to “Kidney Federation of India” via Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation to help fund this new kidney diagnostic center.

We thank you so much for your time and hope you can support this cause!

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