Hi All!

I am Claire Joseph, the Kidney Federation of India (with Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel), and Zcharia Jose Memorial Fund have teamed up to raise money to build a new kidney diagnostic center in Thrissur, Kerala, India in partnership with Fr. Davis’ organization: The Kidney Federation of India, and a nonprofit organization in the US: Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation!

We are trying to raise $80,000 to build this center so that people in Kerala living with kidney disease or kidney failure who cannot afford/do not have access to diagnosis and treatment can finally have a place to help them manage their health issues.

This is the link to Rev. Fr. Davis’ organization’s website: https://www.kidneyfederationofindia.com/. This is the link to Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation’s website: https://zchariamemorial.org/.

100% of profits will go towards supporting the building of the kidney diagnostic center after expenses are paid.

We thank you in advance for your support!! – Claire Joseph

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