March 6, 2023

KFI development of the Dialysis Center – Updates

To our esteemed friends, patrons, and supporters of KFI, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support towards this project. As a token of our appreciation, we have dedicated this page to provide you with regular updates on the progress of the Free Kidney Dialysis/Diagnostic center’s development at Kerala/India.

2022 Update : Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel, the President of The Kidney Federation of India, visited Kansas City on July 17th and gave a speech at Advent Church in Olathe. He discussed the generous donation of land by a local Kansas City resident and the intention to construct a free Kidney Detection/Dialysis Center at the location for the benefit of underprivileged individuals. Many friends and families from Kansas City and all over the world supported. Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation made a huge Gala event (under the ZJMF youth leadership) and donated about 10K USD from the success of the event.

2023 January Update : The land was registered in the name of KFI, there were trees and shrubs in the facility that had to be cleaned up. The first activity was to dig a well, the first attempt was not successful, had to spend 5K USD on that. The second attempt was successful and water was found, currently the well work is in progress. The cost of the facility/infrastructure would shoot over 100K USD, KFI has acquired only 30% of the goal so far from all sources and so the development effort will need more support, yet with all the works and success, KFI is determined to reach the goal and make it a success. We plan to update this website once a month and provide updates.

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