The Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation is devoted to commemorating the cherished memory of our dear Zcharia Jose and assisting in the fight against cancer. We are thrilled to announce our recent donation of $5200 to the American Cancer Society in May 2023. This contribution symbolizes our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by cancer.

The Zcharia Jose Memorial Volleyball Tournament 2023 was an outstanding success. We recently hosted a highly successful volleyball tournament that brought together participants who showcased their skills and shared a common passion for supporting the battle against cancer. We take immense pride in sharing that the tournament winners, the Moonshiners (Tinu Thomas and team), generously donated their prize money of $300, while the runners-up, the KC Avengers (Abdul Kurnool and team), also contributed their prize money of $200. The collective generosity of these teams further reinforces our dedication to the cause. This helped us donate an additional $500 to the American Cancer Society.

We are deeply grateful for the tremendous support from the participating teams and all the individuals who backed this tournament. Our efforts not only serve as a source of encouragement for the participants but also highlight the significant impact we can achieve when we join forces in the fight against cancer.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering dedication and the invaluable work you all do, which enables us to support the American Cancer Society and KCHope Lodge in aiding patients and raising awareness. It is an honor for us to contribute to this noble cause, and we eagerly anticipate continued support in the future.

Shave to Save 2023

Joel Zcharia has generously volunteered to participate in the upcoming “Shave to Save 2023” event, which supports the American Cancer Society. He is associated with the Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation, and his contribution to this noble cause is the decision to shave his head this year. We urge everyone to do their part in raising awareness about cancer and supporting those who are affected by this disease, as well as their caregivers. Together, we can make a significant impact in the fight against cancer. To show your support, you can visit the following link: Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and for all your love and support.

Ronald McDonald Home

A big shout out to all volunteers and the members at Ronald McDonald Home for giving us an opportunity to serve. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Hope Lodge Visit

Gala Night

Click Here for online donations. | Click Here for Raffle Baskets. | Click Here to purchase tickets online.

Shave to Save Event

One of our friends, third year medical student at UMKC – Rosemary Cherian (Ammu) is participating in Shave to Save event, she is doing this to help American Cancer Society. She and her parents has participated in many of our events appreciate your support by sharing/liking and spreading the word. We have an anonymous donor who is challenging our community to donate $ to $ for upto $1000. Please put this link in your email/communication : Join me at Shave to Save
You can also donate to Zcharia Memorial and in the memo indicate – “Rosemary Shave to Save”

Art Contest Results

HopeLodge Dinner – November 6th, 2019


Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation (ZJMF) Committee would like to host a dinner for all the guests and patients at Hope Lodge on November 6th 2019.The Kansas City Hope Lodge provides adult cancer patients free housing during their treatment. Any treatment center in the area may refer patients to Hope Lodge, and there is no limit to a patients length of stay. Hope Lodge has 46 private rooms with bath, a media room, fitness room, two fully equipped kitchens, dining room, laundry rooms and more. Everything Hope Lodge offers is free of charge to the guests.

Hope Lodge seeks to give Hope a Home by offering adult cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when they have to travel to Kansas City for treatment. Cancer patients, caregivers, staff and volunteers offer the warm and caring environment and support that cancer patients need to get through these treatments.

Music Night – Dedication to “Zcharia Jose” – October 19th, 2019


Zcharia Jose Memorial Foundation (ZJMF) Committee is hosting a fun evening with music and food for its members/sponsors/affiliates and all general public who are connected with ZJMF in one way or another. We would like to take advantage of a visiting Carnatic singer and a Teacher to our Directors – Rev. Dr. Paul Poovathingal. The singer would like to dedicate some music time to “Zcharia Jose” who is the reason for our foundation. The first 30 minutes will be on Music Meditation (Yogas/Pranayamas/breathing techniques) and the rest 90 minutes will be Indian film songs ( Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi) with Karaoke and our member Johnson Sebastian on Keyboard. It is a free event, however we request you to either register at our website or contact the committee members or comment here. Although there is no fee for registration, seats are limited. Please let us know your food preference Veg or Non Veg, so we can place the order accordingly..


Music Night

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